Get to know us

How we started

ALPINE GROWERS was established in 2022 by father-daughter team, Ivan and Emily. We began by designing and building a state of the art indoor growing facility that could produce greens all year round.

In 2023, we brought our product to the Vancouver Farmers Market. We enjoyed teaching people all about microgreens, including what they are, how they are grown, health benefits, and recipes.

In 2024, ALPINE GROWERS expanded to the wholesale market, supporting restaurants in Clark County. Now we enjoy helping local chef's incorporate greens into their menu.

How we grow

ALPINE GROWERS takes great pride in producing high-quality greens.

The microgreens are grown indoors, in a climate-controlled growing facility that has optimal temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.

The USA-sourced seeds are planted onto BPA-free trays filled with soil. The plants are grown under energy-efficient LED lights and with carbon filtered water for optimal taste and nutrition.

The mature plants are always hand-harvested and packed in compostable containers.

ALPINE GROWERS greens are always free from herbicides and pesticides.